Nice to meet you, beautiful!

My name is Dianne. 

I’m a holistic aesthetician, natural skincare formulator and founder of ESSENTIALS by Dianne J. 

Since I remember myself I’ve always been a “skincare-lover" girl.  

For the last 19 years I’ve worked in the cosmetic industry and as a holistic aesthetician and ran a successful skin care shop in the most beautiful neighborhood in Copenhagen. I helped my clients with their skin issues, offered skin and body care treatments and was a retailer for several natural skincare brands. 


In 2010, I was flourishing in my 40´s until one day, after a busy December month, just when I closed the shop for Christmas Eve, I crashed down, completely burned out, with extreme pressure inside, heart palpitations and panic attacks - something I haven’t experienced before. My blood pressure was sky-high and it marked the beginning of a period of physical and mental struggle, diagnosed by the doctors as “stress”.

At the time I had no idea it was the beginning of my perimenopause - a period that was to last for many years on. And that I was to struggle with hot flashes, anxiety, body aches, migraines, extreme sensitivity and several other strange symptoms. I got major skin flare-ups and redness; dry and painfull, itching, lacklustre and tired-looking after sleepless nights skin, that none of those natural skincare I had access to could soothe, calm, refresh and support. I felt lost and needed to know what’s wrong with me, and why the products I used didn’t help my skin problem?

Despite researching and trying to find proper help to alleviate my perimenopause symptoms, I really wanted to understand how to approach those obviously more complex skin demands, occurring as a result of the transition to perimenopause and menopause state. 

And then, being on a sick leave, because of my heavy symptoms I started studying formulating, researching, learning and experimenting (again) with herbs, floral waters, plant butters and oils in my kitchen; and an old childhood dream of the “skincare-lover" girl was slowly becoming to fruition. 

I needed to learn how to safely formulate those natural ingredients, that I already knew had great positive impact on our health and skin. And I wanted to transform my knowledge into products, my clients could benefit from.

The balms and creams I was formulating brought my skin into balance and I asked a group of my clients - beautiful “women in transition” to try, test and give me their feedback. They were so happy with the results, wanted to buy the products and encourage me to go on further with my skincare-mission. So I enrolled the Award Winning Organic Cosmetic Science School Formula Botanica, became certified Organic Anti-Ageing Skincare, Facial Masque Therapy & Chocolate SPA products Formulator and brought my ESSENTIALS by Dianne J to life.


ESSENTIALS by Dianne J is designed for women in transition with skin, body, mind and soul, influenced by the hormonal flux and the inevitable consequences as a result of these changes.

Through my natural and vital skincare I want women, going through perimenopause and menopause to embrace “the age of change” with skincare and regimens, adapted to their specific needs. I want them to spoil their skin and senses with high-end, artisan products, full of carefully selected prime quality botanical ingredients. Not just average, anti-age beauty products from the shelves in the big stores. These freshly handmade, pure, highly concentrated “skin-treats” can be mixed and matched to create a skin regimen, that suits exactly their skin needs. 


Sometimes the transition, due to our very unique skin and body chemistry might require very individual approach.

That's why I create bespoke products and made-to-order "seasonal specialties".

In this way I want to meet and help solving the skin challenges, marked by every woman's unique transitional journey.  

I’m so delighted, that my amazing customers have actively been and are such a great part of the developing process and of ESSENTIALS by Dianne J's story. We learn, change and adapt together. We evolve and empower each other.

It’s a pleasure for me, to invite you to join this community of amazing women on the way to the best years of their life, that are yet to come.

With lots of love,