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Here are a handful of Testimonials from wonderful women that have found their shortcut to delicious and healthy skin!

Zeleste Fiskerr:
"I work with people and animals on a daily basis, and I'm often on the road. So yes, I really need to take care of my body and my skin, especially in the face. Earlier this has been a challenge for me, and I often thought that spending time on skincare routines wasn't worth the effort. I've tried with lots of different facial creams - the other one worse than the other - and my delicate skin showed all signs of wanting something EVEN cleaner.

After almost giving up on finding the right support for my skin and my body in general, I was recommended to try the products from ESSENTIALS by Dianne J. And WAUW!! Here was something that made a difference to both my skin and me in general.

Not only are the products handmade from organic ingredients, they make me feel so in balance, when I use them. I haven't had issues with dry skin, since I began using THE FOAM, THE ROSE and THE ROSE SERUM. I'm also SO happy that I have finally found a set of amazing products that I can easily bring when travelling. During the day, I spray my face with the lovely rose water, if I need to refreshen my skin and get an energizing lift with the amazing scent of pure rose."

Malene Strange Jacobsen:
“For the past months I’ve used THE EYE SERUM, and now I simply can’t live without it! It moisturises and penetrates well, and the skin feels fresh all day. I warmly recommend it!”

Mirouslava Yordanova:
“I love ESSENTIALS by Dianne J. Your products are fantastic. I use The FOAM, which is so gentle and doesn’t leave your skin dry & tight (I have extremely sensitive skin)The ROSEWATER is a must, and I love the amazing masks – THE ROSE QUARTZ MASK & THE MOON STONE MASK– what an incredible effect and feeling, during application and after!! 

THE CONCENTRATE ampoules I use as a day tonic or mask – WAUW !!! My day moisturiser at the moment is Frangipani cream (THE VELVET CREAM), which you made especially for a friend of mine, and I tried as well so I ordered one for myself -TOP CLASS.

Lately I tried THE ROSE SERUM and I was really amazed, it’s the next thing on my list. Oh, and I forgot THE EYE SERUM – no rivals!!!

I love these products!!! Try them once, you will be amazed!!!!”

Matilde Løhr Andersen:
“For a long time I’ve enjoyed using The Rose Collection og THE TOURMALINE EXFOLIATOR from ESSENTIALS by Dianne J. The skin of my face started looking fresher and firmer, immediately after I started using the products. And then they smell and feel fantastic.

As Dianne herself selects the ingredients and makes the products, you escape unnecessary chemichals. This also means that she is able to formulate a product that fits your skin perfectly.

So, if you’re looking for 1. class beauty products, be sure to try ESSENTIALS by Dianne J – you won’t regret it!”

Adelena Schrøder:
“I’ve used THE ROSE SERUM on my neck, in my face, and on the fine, thin skin at the top of the chest. And thus, my skin has become so fine and soft.I warmly recommend it.”

Christa Sundgaard:
“I love your products, THE ROSE SERUM and THE CONCENTRATE!!!”

Anette Rosefine Traberg Lind:
“The best products.”


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