My name is Dianne and I am the founder of ESSENTIALS by Dianne J.
I wish I could say in a sentence or two, how I created my skincare to soothe and calm my skin, after a stress related breakdown in 2011, with different physical and emotional reactions, and a long struggle with neuro dermatitis - a stress related skin issue. But this will only be the one part of the story.
The other one is, that the love of creating skincare has roots in a vivid dream from my childhood.

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and we lived in the city, but my grandparents had a house in the countryside, where my sister and I spent our long summer vacations. It was blissful days of freedom, play and creativity in the nature.
We never really thought about it, but our food was organic, cooked from scratch, the veggies and fruit came straight from the garden and everything was deliciously homemade.

Meeting the scent of roses in the sun
I remember endless summers, climbing cherry trees and how we ran through the fields of sunflowers, swaying lightly in the warm breeze from The Black Sea.
I would put rose petals into water and let it sit in the sun, and I found out that it pulls out the scent of the flower and creates a delicious rose water, which I thought was the finest perfume ever ... I remember these moments so clearly and I remember myself dreaming big of having the finest boutique with colorful bottles and jars, me behind a green desk, filled with potions, creams and perfumes, and tons of fresh flowers.
And every summer this dream came alive.

When I was 14 years old, a shy and very sensitive teenage girl, I developed terrible eczema in my face, and it affected and supressed my young life enormously. 
From that point I started an endless skin care journey - seeing dermatologists, trying different products, experimenting with own mixtures, reading and learning cosmetology.

I grew up in a culture, where herbs and flowers, yoghurt, honey, beeswax, clays and oils are the natural remedies to maintain healthy skin, hair and body.
My Grandma cured us with herbs, when we got sick as kids, she was the sweetest “witch” and taught me how to use simple, natural, herbal and flower remedies when in need. She encouraged me to see nature’s treasures, and today they are the greatest inspiration in creating my skincare products.

At some point I got tired of all this homemade and natural stuff and wanted to try the established highend brands. And I did. I even worked for one of the biggest cosmetic companies. I used conventional cosmetics in glamorous bottles, without questioning what’s inside. Then one day the eczema was back - manifesting itself with a big red dry and itchy spot on my forehead.
This made me start an never ending research into cosmetic chemistry. I turned into more "green" brands and opened my beauty studio in Copenhagen, where I live, and have been working as a holistic aesthetitian for the last 14 years.
Even though I used Green and Organic products to treat my clients with, nothing really worked for me long enough. I had basic formulation knowledge and wanted to learn more and create my own products. 

A world of natural ingredients
At that time I started learning formulating natural and Organic skincare at Formula Botanica Organic Cosmetic Science School and dived into the amazing world of natural ingredients. I combined this new knowledge with the herbal recipies I’d learned from my Grandma and started to experiment on myself, my sister and the rest of my family.

Additionally, I turned my diet into a more anti-inflammatory one, and began to do an energetic work on a deep emotional level. 

All these new knowledges, experiences and personal transformations led to the creating of my skincare line - ESSENTIALS by Dianne J - the essence of all I’ve learned about holistic, natural and vibrational treatment of skin, hair, body and mind, as well as spiritual and alternative approach to mind and soul issues.

Things happened not exactly "by the book" though. I had several set backs. Many years with personal life challenges resulted in major stress break down in 2011, and even though I came back on track after a year, I had to get used to the "new me", and the new way to approach the different areas in life without getting overwhelmed too easily. And during all this transformational process I realised, that the most peaceful and enjoyable place to be was in my lab - surrounded by all my bottles and jars with oils, potions, butters, herbs and gemstones. Just as I had imagined as a child. 

Pure, organic and vibrant products
Little by little I moved forward and in 2017 I launched my artisan brand ESSENTIALS by Dianne J - pure, organic and vital products, created with a holistic and spiritual approach, combining ancient wisdom and natural treasures with modern cosmetic science, plus a pinch of magic. My skincare was born from this inspirational symbiosis of Nordic lights and Southern warmth - two completely different places I carry in my heart, that constantly try to meet and melt with each other.

I'm truly inspired by the place I've been living for the past 20 years - the North - with its simplicity of shapes, greyblue colours, lights and its climate demands, blended with the warmth of the South, where I was born - with the breeze from my childhood, scented with Roses, Chamomille, Linden blossom, Lavender, fresh cut grass, grapes and spring waters. It can't be any different. I hope you can sense it from the very bottle and jar, that also carry the energy of nature's treasures, such as powerful gemstones, silver and gold. 

My desire is to help you harmonise your skin and fall in love with it. My natural formulations are created to support everyday and extra demands your skin is going through, and I truly hope that you'll indulge in this vital, highvibe artisan beauty, and enjoy it in full.