We care for you, hot sister!

You’re going through perimenopause and menopause with all the physical and emotional challenges and the visible and tangible changes in your skin.

It’s still uncomfortable for many to talk about this period of life, so we wanted to create a safe space for you to be. And if the big cosmetic industry is still not quite interested in you, and what you’re going through - well we are!

Your body is going through changes. They are real and more complex, and both you and we know that when it comes to skincare “anti-age” is simply not enough.

We want to help you make this essential shift in how you take care of your skin, how you nourish, protect, cool down, balance and revitalise it in a way, adapted to exactly this complex period of your life.

We want to encourage you to listen to your body and skin - they have a story to tell, do ask questions and seek solutions. We also want you to know that we see you, we hear you and that you’re not alone. Our clients are beautiful and strong women in transition like you and our founder, holistic aesthetician and product formulator, Dianne is just like you too. Here’s what she says:

“Through our natural, organic and high-performance collections I want to help you redefine your beauty and empower you with confidence through the inevitable process of ageing and eternal skin transformations. I want to fill your beauty routines with joy, comfort and ultimate pleasure, make you fall in love with your skin again, be healthiest and happiest, be most radiant “you” and never ever feel invisible. I’m beyond happy and grateful, that you entrust your precious skin to me.”

We can’t wait to spoil you and share our pure and exquisite skincare with you!

Happy browsing and happy shopping!

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