Smart Hydration

water with strawberries

Yes, beauty trick N.1 is - stay hydrated!

From whithin - by drinking up to 2L of water. 

Not only water is vital for our skin, but it is essential for the optimal function of our digestion, bloodflow, detoxification, etc.


Drinking water made easy!


You can add lemon, lime and cucumber slices, or frozen berries to pimp your glass of water. 

Arrange it with some mint leaves or edible flowers and you have an eye candy drink to enjoy.


Adding fruits, veggies or chia seeds make you absorb water into your cells better. 


How’s that?


Because adding these colorful and mouth watering veggies, fruits or seeds not only create beauty for your eyes, but they make a “jelly-water”, that our cells love. As well as adding antioxidants, vitamins, fibres and enzymes to the water.

The water gets also charged by electrolytes and much easier to absorb, stay in the body and keep you hydrated. 

Electrolytes are chemicals, that carry an electric charge, when dissolved in water. They are present in blood, urine, bodily fluids and tissue. Minerals, such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphate, calcium, chloride are electrolytes and they are important for keeping the body hydrated, for regulating the blood pressure, for the nervous system and the muscles, for keeping the pH of the body in balance.

A healthy diet should deliver the necessary amount of electrolytes. 

But when we exercise or sweat a lot, like in the summer season it is good to think about staying hydrated.

So, drink your water with veggies, fruits and chia seeds to stay properly hydrated - especially in the summertime.

Another hydration alternative is simply to get a glass of pure Coconut water, without any additives. 


And don’t forget to get even more vital water from eating veggies and fruts. Whole, not juiced - so you can get all the benefits from their fibers, without rising your blood sugar levels. That’s what I call a hydra-win-win from within!


Don’t forget your topical hydration!


Topical hydration is essential too - so spray your face, body and hair with THE ROSE - your pure, Organic Rose water, several times a day. 


I always have it in my bag - yes, that's right - THE ROSE! It is highly beneficial in so many situations, especially in the summer time:

  • on the beach
  • in the heat of the city
  • to seal your light summer make up and give you this dewy look
  • as simple hydrator before your oil serum, moisturizer and sunscreen 
  • to prolong the time with your Clay mask


My favourite way to use ir is before applying my Oil serum for maximum hydration, nourishment and glow. It makes whole lot of a difference for the effect of the serum. You should try it!


Have a lovely, hot summer🏖