Sometimes, from personal challenges a beautiful thing can be born. Such as a lovely skincare product!

When I was personally challenged with stress and had stress related problems with my skin, my deepest desire was to balance it – inside and out. I knew that if my skin begins to “talk”, I have to listen to it very carefully.

Approaching life holistically, I knew that what happens in our lives – events, lifestyle changes, the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel, what we ingest or put on our face, body and hair – everything manifests itself in our skin, our appearance and the way we are in the outer world.

I sought peace and balance
At the same time, I had a lot to share with my surroundings and customers, but my extra sensitivity, which was amplified after I was hit by stress, easily made me over-stimulated. A little was enough to affect me and make me feel overwhelmed.

So little by little I became more introvert and more silent, in order to create a “space” for me and protect myself. I felt so emotionally fragile and vulnerable.

This vulnerability made me search intuitively for colors and scents, I could connect with on a deeper, ethereal level. To find peace and balance inside and out. To be able to open up again and embrace the world through what I loved most to do and what has become my way of life – creating products and connecting with people through them.

And then out of the blue it happened! In my little magical universe – my lab – I was about to create something new.

I was intuitively led to gentle oils and aromas to soothe my skin and bring me deep and profound relaxation. Quite immediately!

I made myself a blend, poured it in a dropper bottle and made an extra one in a roll on bottle – to have it with me on the go – for my skin and mind in distress.

I used this calming Blue blend through the whole summer, made some more to test it on family, friends and gave samples to my clients.

The feedback I got was amazing and I decided to go further on, complete what I’d begun and add a new “babe” to the rest of my skincare collection.

What is this beauty in blue made of?
It’s the ingredients in your product, and the formula they are incorporated in, that make your product work.

Lots of brands make a lot of noise about what’s NOT in their products, and that’s fine. But do they tell you what IS in their products?

I’d love to tell you what’s in your little Blue bottle.

The foundation is made of Organic, cold pressed Perilla Oil – light and rich in Omega 3 and Linolenic acid, which makes it a wonderful solution for people that experience inflammatory conditions such as redness, eczema, itching, dry spots and acne.

The one and only – Olive Squalane – essential lipid, we all have in our skin, called “botox in a bottle” works its wrinkle smoothing wonders in the foundation of L’AZUL. Together with skin loving fractionated Coconut Oil and feather light plant “silicone”-like stable Oil, obtained from Castor Oil, give the characteristic ultra lightness of the serum and make it penetrate the skin easily, without leaving oily residue on its surface. This property makes it suitable for combo/oily skin too.

3 advanced and amazing actives that are going to improve your skin!
The structure of our skin changes when we age. It’s inevitable, but if there’s a natural solution that works to improve and delay these unpleasant changes – then why not use it?

An eco-designed potent active botanical, called “the Green architect” – CO2 extracted Peptides from Celery and Flax seed – work as skin rejuvenators and counteract the age-related phenomenon, such as enlarged pores are, by reinforceing the skin structures that keep the pores tight.

Another advanced ingredient in the serum is Renovage™️– “the youth phytomolecule” – that expand skin cells’ life span. Renovage™️is great in refining the skin’s structure, while moisturizing and firming. Renovage™️ is a pure skin rejuvenator that combats imperfections, age spots, dry, dull and saggy skin. A true “anti-age” ingredient, that works!

Exquisite Porcelain Flower extract (Hoya lacunosa) is a beautiful, delicate and light reflecting Flower that produces sweet and tasty edible nectar, and has been used for centuries in Asia as a medial plant. It has soothing, antioxidant and moisturizing effects on the skin. The luxurious oil extract of this flower contributes to a luminous complexion.

It’s the Organic Blue Tansy Oil that gives the serum this amazing blue color, due to a very calming and anti-inflammatory compound in the oil – chamazulene. Chamazulene turns Blue through the destillation process of the oil.

Blue Tansy has an amazing and very characteristic aroma that’s hard to describe.

To complete the aromatic experience, I’ve added some drops of Organic Bulgarian Lavender, so that L’AZUL will take you to Blue purple fields, summer breeze and ocean waves.

This “serenity in a bottle” is amazingly used alone day and night – as a serum. But you can also blend it with your hydrosol / skin tonic, ampoules, your moisturizer, or use it as a make-up primer!

However, if you decide to implement it into your skincare regimen – it won’t be a mistake . You’ll be rejuvenated, radiant, luminous and profoundly relaxed.

Just dive into the Blue, enjoy and breathe...!