Constant worries, anxiety and panic attacks? Then read on!

I write this post, because I talk to many of you – from a distance! And I know that you are feeling stressed, anxious and on shaken ground right now.

In these uncertain and challenging times of fundamental changes in our lives, there’s no wonder we need encouragement and little escapes from the actual daily quarantine life. It might be difficult for some of you to find “alone” time and moments to listen to yourself - observe what’s coming up, embrace it or let it go.

I’m sure some of you master the art to stay cool and keep going.

But for others the time right now is evoking anxiety and hopelessness for the time to come – unknown when exactly this crisis will end and what the outcome will be ...

We are set on “pause”, all of a sudden, and worrying about our own and our loving ones’ health. The feeling like losing control over what’s happening and the need to be responsible and stay isolated from parents, children, friends and favourite social activities in order to cut the spreading of an invisible danger provokes anxiety, panic and sadness. You might feel completely powerless.

If you have faced some of these unpleasant feelings and could cope with them – well, that’s great news! Keep staying cool, and carry on.

But if you feel like all this virus situation and talk is making you sick and depressed and you’re struggling with constant worries, anxiety and panic attacks – then read on!

Anxiety makes you weak

Anxiety is weakening our immune system and that’s the last thing you need now.

Long term anxiety brings your system in survival mode, and make you unable to see any positive oucomes of any given situation. It makes you unable to feel, sense or express joy or happiness.

Anxiety can be extremely destructive and energy depleting and you need to protect yourself as much as you can from emotional triggers and to build up a strong mind and resilient aura.

There’s a Remedy for every single feeling.

Mother Nature has given us generous amounts of remedies to help us aleviate physical and emotional pains. I feel so grateful for all the teachers, guides, doctors and healers that have dedicated their lives to study the nature’s treasures and have passed the knowledge to our days, so we can implement their wisdom in our lives.

In 1930’s Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) an English doctor, developed a complete natural healing Remedy system of 38 remedys - one for every single emotional imbalance a human being could possibly experience. The healing remedies were made of flowers from wild plants, trees and bushes.

Dr. Bach meant, that if you heal your soul and emotional body - created by thoughts and feelings - your physical body will follow.

The Remedy system he has created is complete and unchanged until today and is prepared nowadays in Mount Vernon, England, at Bach Center after Dr. Bach’s original method.

How the remedies work?

Feelings and thoughts have frequencies/vibrations.

Dr. Bach found out that certain flowers vibrate on a certain frequency, equal to the frequency of the negative feeling you experience.

When you take a remedy, chosen for a certain problem, its vibration neutralizes the negative feeling or thought behind the problem you’re dealing with and it brings clarity and understanding. So the negative feeling is replaced by harmony, inner peace and wellbeing.

The amazing system is widely used since the 1930es and is probably most known for the Rescue Remedy, an emergency blend, created by Dr. Bach as a part of the whole Flower Remedy system.

Can I use the Rescue Remedy if I feel anxious?

You can use the Rescue Remedy if you are in an extremely stressful situation – such as panic attack or chock.

I always have it in my bag and use it, if I experience sudden stress, panic or anxiety.

It brings relief, when you might feel travel stress, going to exams or the dentist, and all of these situations you experience as extreme stressful for you.

Anxiety has many faces

You can feel anger of becoming sick, losing money or business, worry for your loved ones, anxiety of the unknown or simply be anxious, without knowing why.

The good news is that there are remedies that target all these different types of anxiety. When combined, they bring relief to your nervous system and emotions, bring clarity, so you can navigate in challenging and difficult times, such as this global health crisis.

5 anxiety helpers

There are 5 remedies in the system that all target anxiety conditions and panic attacks:

Aspen – when you feel anxious and you can’t explain why; you feel something terrible will happen and the anger overflows everything.

Mimulus – when you are affraid of all worlds’ occurrences – sickness, death, pain, accidents, poverty, darkness, to be alone - all the anxieties of everyday life.

Cherry Plum – when your mind is overloaded, you’re about to lose control and feel something terrible and horrible will happen.

Rock Rose – the horror and panic in crisis situations; when accidents or sudden ilness occur, when you’re frightened and in a serious state of panic.

Red Chestnut – when you worry and are afraid for other people. When you worry less for yourself, but feel something terrible will happen to your loved ones.

Bonus Remedy for protection:

Walnut – the Remedy for adaptation to new situations and to protect you from external influences.

What can you do now?

You can buy all these remedies online and make your own blend. The method is:

1.) add 2 drops of each Remedy in a bottle, filled with spring water (or cooled boiled water).

2.) preserve your blend with a tea spoon of alcohol – cognac or vodka.

Dr. Bachs remedies are originally preserved with high quality cognac – it is said, that the vibrations of the cognac are high and most suitable for the flower essences. But vodka is fine too.

If you take medications that interact with alcohol you can preserve your blend with apple vinegar.

Apple vinegar is preferable for children blends too.

When you’ve prepared your blend you can take it as follows:

minimum 4 times a day; 4 drops – directly from the dropper bottle into your mouth
or add the 4 drops to a glass of water, juice, tea, coffee – whatever beverage (or food) you’d like to add it to.
To be fully covered against all types of anger you have to get

all 5 remedies
additionally Rescue Remedy to use along your personalized Anxiety blend.
How can I make it easier for you and help you now?

I can totally understand if you’re in doubt if this really works.

Or if you think it’s too much hassle to start blending.

Or whether you’ll do it right.

20 years ago I was sceptical too. It’s hard to believe, that Flower Remedies work. But they do!

And I’d love to share my story (in another blog post) about how these remedies have helped me survive personal crisis.

Since I’ve discovered the ‘Flower Power’ I’ve been using the remedies on a daily basis, in challenging times and in transformational periods of my life and the life of my family and friends (the reactions of the most sceptical of them have been truly rewarding!)

The impact they had made me seek more knowledge into this healing system.

That’s why in 2011 I became a Bach’s Therapist and started Bach’s Therapy consultations to help my clients achieve inner peace and harmony in the most soft and caring way.

So besides my wonderful skin (loving) care I offer you my help now.

I wish to help you neutralize the constant anxiety you are triggered to experience every day, since this global health crisis began.

We’re so lucky to be able to work from a distance nowadays, and still make a difference!

So if you need my help, I’m here for you.

Get your Personal Blend against anxiety

Bach’s Therapy consultation and a personal blend costs 695 kr.

Due to this crisis situation you can get:

AnxietyHelp Personal Blend

for only 325 kr. + free shipping

Or free delivery right to your door, if you live in Copenhagen V, N, Ø or K.

What you have to do?

All you have to do is:

Send me an e-mail at:

Please write:

AnxietyHelp Personal Blend in the subject line.

I’ll get back to you asap with a short questionarie and additional information.

When will I feel relief?

It depends on your personality, but you should start feeling relief almost immediately or within a couple of hours.

As it is with all natural remedies and homeopathy – there are not any further interactions with medications or any other treatment you might be undergoing.

But you can sense some other reactions such as underlying feelings showing up on the surface to make you aware that you probably suppress them.

If it happens - don’t worry!

Let yourself observe them and even make some notes on your experience, so you know – when the anxiety has settled down – what else you can start working on energetically.

I would like to emphasize, that this is not medical advice and if you suffer from anxiety and stress, or experience panic attacks you should call your doctor to ensure proper treatment and desease management. Talk to your doctor over the phone!

Natural Remedies and homeopathy are useful supplements to the medical treatment. They DO NOT replace the medical treatment.

Keep safe and healthy, and stay home!