Bring the SPA to your home  

Bring the SPA to your home   

Since the COVID-19 pandemi took over the world and all is locked down you can’t enjoy a facial or massage with your trusthed aesthetitian.

It is really hard, because nothing can replace the human touch, the exchange of energy between people, the art of giving and receiving through physical contact.

I guess you can ask your husband or wife to squeeze your neck, to rub your back or cuddle your feet on the couch, while watching Netflix.

Some of you might even go further on and create a special intimate spaces for each other - with cozy candlelight and invigorating aromas...

(Well, at least when the kids are off to bed, cause you still can’t just send them to their grandparents, can you?)

What happens with the glow?

Your pretty face, and all the diligent work your aesthetitian used to do this half an hour every 3 or 4 week is going to suffer, more or less during the lockdown.

So now, when you have plenty of time - to bake, to read, to watch Netflix, to scroll on the Gram, to think, to reflect, to cry, to make puzzles with your kids, to drink wine, to manage your own inner battles, to dance, to scream or meditate, to try new filters, to learn a new skill, to insert self what...why not use some of your time and turn your kitchen into a beauty lab?

Everybody has some Honey, Yogurt, Rolled oats, Avocados or Strawberries in their kitchen, right? 

You can mix them into a lovely face mask and make it your “own kind of special”.



Masking (at home) is great!

Treating yourself with a Facial Mask is like giving vital food for your skin. Facial masks are intensive treatments, that deliver visible results.

They are easy to create at home and do not require more than

- a small bowl,

- a brush

- a Clay – white, or green, or yellow (or any other type or colour of clay you might have at home).

We do want to have Clay in our masks due to its skin benefits!  


How Clay Face Masks work:

- they do not pull out "toxins"

- they pull out dirt, grime, impurities

 - they go deep into the pores + clay particles can bind particles form the skin to themselves
- they rid the face surface of dead skin layers and expose smoothe and more youthfull complexion, reducing dull looking skin
- they improve the skin tone due to compounds, that draw the blood to the skin surface
- they encourage the regeneration of new skin cells, which means fresh looking skin
 - clays remove oil from the skin
 - clay masks must not dry out on your face


Get ready to turn your kitchen into a SPA!


Choose your ingredients and try out one of these masks variations, that is suitable for your current skin condition:

1. Deep cleansing and detox

Blend some of your Clay with a little water, or our mist - THE ROSE, add a little youghurt and honey. Apply a medium thin layer to your cleansed face and allow it to pull impurities to the surface of your skin, leaving it clean, fresh and moisturized.

2. Deep cleansing and soothing

Blend some of your Clay with a little water, or our mist -THE ROSE, yogurt and honey and add some finely grinded rolled oats. Apply a medium thin layer to your cleansed face and allow the mask to cleanse your skin in depth and at the same time soothe your more sensitive, dry and reactive skin.

3. Deep cleansing and nourishing

Blend some of your Clay with a little water, or our mist -THE ROSE, yogurt and honey and add the 1/2 of a mashed rape avocado. Apply a medium thin layer to your cleansed face and allow the mask to cleanse your skin and deeply nourish it with natural and healthy fatty acids. Great for dry and premature aged skin.


Give your skin more and see changes in the mirror

These 3 simple masks can clean and condition your skin. 

You can experiment with different fruits and veggies, teas and milks. And don´t forget the cucumber slices for the eye zone!


If you want to multiple the benefits for your skin, then instead of simple Clay, you might need to invest in a Clay powder mask.

Clay powder mask is one or more types of Clay, additionally enriched with plant extracts, vitamins and minerals.

One jar – plenty of masks

Have you tried a jar of  THE MOONSTONE MASK - our skin balancing and harmonising mask yet?

This enriched powder is our powerful skin treatment, that you can customize in your kitchen, as you wish and adapt it to the needs of your skin.


10 masks in one jar.

 Yes! That’s right!
You can treat yourself 10 times with the powder, that´s in a single jar.
You only need to blend a little of the power-powder
to deeply cleanse your skin and get the glow.

What’s sooo good for you in THE MOONSTONE MASK’s jar?

There’s plenty of goodness for your skin in this jar.

Despite the soft White Clay fra Amazonia, there’s Honey  and Yogurt to make sure your skin is kept clean and moisturised.

There’s Pineapple enzymes to dissolve the dead skin cells and wipe away the skin dullness.

Cucumber and Green Tea extracts are taking care of soothing your skin and deliver a great portion of antioxidants.

Superstar powerhouses, such as vitamin C and the beauty mineral MSM are there to even your skin tone, brighten your complextion and combat wrinkles.

At last, we got genuine Moonstone dust to  add a gentle feminine energy, to speed up  the skin detoxification, remove puffiness and contribute to balance the skin, together with the rest of the powerful ingredients and pure Organic aromas from refreshing Litchies, Sicilian Lemons and cooling Spearmint.

Customizable Clay masks are truly powerful treats. They keep your skin clean, refreshed and enriched with skinloving nutrients.

If you haven’t got one yet, try our customizable powerhouse:

THE MOONSTONE MASK  - there’s so much goodness in this jar, waiting to wrap you up in a skinloving face-hug!

Using it only once a week will get you closer to your dream skin.

Boosting weekly your skin with healthy dose of luxury and beauty vibes will give you those envious glow and radiance.

And this will make you feel good, despite of the quarantine situation!