A Velvety Story

A Velvety Story

Like with love from first sight It has been love from the first touch and the first batch with this cream!

It began for 2 years ago, as soft whipped butter cream, that I made for 2 wonderful women, to soothe and repair their skin.

They were both stage performers and had upset skin - both experienced dryness, redness and discomfort. Their late night stage performances, heavy stage make up, stage pollution and adrenalin issues made huge impact on their skin.

This cream helped them to feel comfortable in their skin again. It was such a relief for these women and a pure joy to me being able to help and make someone’s skin healthier and happier.

Since then I started to make this cream as a custommade order, adjusting the formula to different demands all the time. The rich waterless cream has even caressed the sun damaged skin of a napoletanian fisherman, who used it diligently every day and loved how his skin become softer and nourished.

During the last 2 years I’ve been working on creating the final formula for this velvety pleasure, which is a compilation of all the adjustments of the texture and the ingredients, and rejection of all, that didn’t work so well. All synergized for your skin’s ultimate performance and envious radiance!

I’m so happy to have come to the final, advanced and improved formula for this cream, and that it available on our website!

Formulated with 33 beautiful botanical ingredients - luxurious, raw and organic butters, such as exquisite and soft shea nilotica, cacao, kombo, rich and nourishing, Organic, cold pressed Marula, Safflower and Olive Squalane... With Kakadu Plum, rich in vitamin C, with cell energising Q10 and pro-vitamin A from Carrot and Sea Buckthorn, Pomegranate sterols to protect the lipid barrier and Plankton to help in restoring the circadian rythm of the skin and effectively protect it from inner stressors.

The cream is enriched with Amber extract, rich in succinic acid, that increases cellular metabolism, helps detoxify the tissue, contributes in restoring the homeostasis of the skin and is amazing antioxidant. What a fantastic skin youth preserving substance!

All creamy, lush and luxurious goodness in this jar is spiced with the softness of Linden blossom and exotic, intoxicating Frangipani Flower notes to seal your daily beauty ritual with the signatur scent of THE VELVET CREAM, poured with love in every single little jar.

A velvet kiss for your face.

From me to you, your precious skin and senses.

Because my deepest wish is to expand your beauty experience and through it feel the happiness of being you in your skin …<3