7 carrier oils we absolutely adore

7 carrier oils we absolutely adore

From The Amazonas over Southern Europe and on to French Polynesia in The South Pacific.

ESSENTIALS get our ingredients from all over our wonderful green globe. Learn about 7 divine oils, and the wonders they do for your skin
1. Camellia Kissi

Only the name is to die for. Just close your eyes and say it: Camellia kissi. How wonderful is that?!

This non-greasy, fast absorbing, velvety soft and non comedogenic oil has been used for centuries by Japanese women. It is known to improve the texture of skin, hair and nails.

The Cammelia Kissi Oil is cold pressed from the wild Camellia Japonica flower. It is very high (80-85%) in Omega 9 – an Oleic Acid, which is great for dry and stressed skin. It is odour free, with a very light yellowish colour, great to use in formulations that help reduce stretch marks and scar tissue. Camellia Kissi is one of THE ROSE SERUM’s main foundation ingredients.
2. Sacha Inchi

Say Sacha Inchi and think Peru – and the proud Inca people some 500 years ago. And yes, The Sacha Inchi Oil is cold pressed from the Sacha Inchi plant from the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

Excellent for dry skin, as it has one of the highest contents of polyunsaturated fatty acids amongst all vegetable oils: Such as Omega 3, and in perfect balance with Omega 6.

Sacha Inchi contains also Omega 9, and high concentration of Tocopherols (vit. E), which make it fantastic for anti-ageing purposes. Further benefits for you are its antioxidant, skin and hair smoothing properties.

Sacha Inchi oil is also a great emollient, excellent to restore elasticity and aids in the prevention of wrinkles. It is in the formulations of our 3 serums – THE EYE SERUM, THE Au SERUM and THE Ag SERUM. Because we love it!
3. Tamanu

Exotic, with a beautiful emerald green color!

Let’s travel to The South Pacific: Thousands of years ago the Tahitians in French Polynesia discovered that the cold pressed, unrefined and organic tamanu oil protected their skin. This oil is rare as the tree only grows in some parts of Asia, and Tahiti. Tamanu Oil has healing effects on the skin due to the phytochemical Calophyllolide, which is known for its anti-inflamatory properties.

Tamanu  is used to treat scars, stretch marks, skin irritations, rashes and  other skin problems. It is considered the premier carrier oil for the treatment of scars and stretch marks and can be used alone or mixed with other carriers. Has slightly exfoliating effect.

Ideal for both dry and oily skin. Treats eczema, acne and upset skin. Tamanu is featured in our “problem solver” – THE Ag SERUM.

4. Maracujá

Yummy taste. Yes, the juice from the maracujá fruit, native to Brazil is used to make smoothies, tarts, ice-creams etc. However, this raw and unrefined oil is also excellent for using directly on the skin.

As a face oil it delivers an antioxidant boost to the skin, it balances, calms and relaxes the skin. Easily absorbed into the skin, rich on Vitamin C, A, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. It is exceptionally rich in linoleic acid (75%), which makes it suitable for acne prone skin, with soothing, moisturizing and nourishing properties.

The smell is to die for. Citric and floral at the same time. An adorable oil that is a main compound in our precious 24k golden glow serum THE Au SERUM.
5. Green Coffee

Yes, we drink lots of it. But Green Coffee oil is also very similar to the natural oils in our bodies and pH level of our skin.

Organically cultivated in Brazil, Green Coffee oil is high in one very powerful antioxidant – Chlorogenic acid, as well as polyphenols, higher than in green tea. It has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, and is used in our THE EYE SERUM to reduce puffiness  

The enzymes, found in Green Coffee help cleaning swollen or decongested skin and stimulate the skin’s natural detoxification, maintain the balance of moisture levels of the skin, leaving it healthy. Coffee Oil can be applied directly to the skin as an intense night treatment for aged skin. It is easily absorbed through the skin, leaving an extremely light, silky feel. Excellent for the control of lines and wrinkles. Great for treating acne prone skin.

Definitely one of my absolute favorites!
6. Cacay

Have you heard about the new  anti-aging ingredient, unrefined cacay oil? It is made from wild harvested Cacay nuts in The Amazonas. It is a 100 % natural anti-aging ingredient. Our  Cacay oil is harvested in The Colombia Amazon. It contains 3 times more retinoic acid than Rose hip oil and is exceptionally high in Linoleic acid – 75%, which makes it amazing for dehydrated and dry skin.

It is quickly absorbed into the skin. Has a mild nutty scent. Known for its abilities to regenerate the skin. It reduces wrinkles and improves the elasticity of the skin. Cacay Oil restores the skin’s barrier. Protects, nourishes and moisturizes – without clogging the pores, leaving the skin velvety soft. I include Cacay Oil in different artisan, bespoke/artisan formulations for my clients.
7. Pomegranate

Absolutely one of our top favorites. Lush and luxury – is really a high end skincare oil. It contains vitamins C and K and polyphenols, which are chemical compounds, naturally occurring in plants, fruits and berries.

In Pomegranate these are punicic and ellagic acids. They are powerful antioxidants, and by neutralizing the free radicals they protect the skin cells from DNA damage. Punicic and ellagic acids have excellent anti-inflammatory effect, and together with vit. C – a slightly lightening effect on the skin, making the oil fabulous for anti-pigment formulations.

Pomegranate oil combats wrinkles, regenerates and repairs skin, as well. We use Organic Pomegranate Oil, cold pressed from the seeds of the fruit, oil in THE EYE SERUM; unrefined with all the wonderful skin and health benefits retained.

NB! All the oils, used in ESSENTIALS by Dianne J are cold pressed and unrefined (except when refining is absolutely necessary for safety reasons and for the stability of the product!) with all the skin and body beneficial nutrients and compounds – vitamins, minerals and phenols –retained,  to deliver to your skin all goodness and protection for its best performance.