Did you know that Bulgarian Rose Otto Oil is more expensive than gold? And what it has to do with NASA – the American space programme? Do also read about 4 other essential oils and absolutes – of amazing quality and sustainably harvested, that we love.

Bulgarian Rose Otto (Rosa Damascena Flower Oil) – The Liquid Gold

This is “The Liquid Gold”. The Bulgarian Rose Oil is considered to be the finest rose oil in the whole world. It has healing properties and a unique fragrance, and has been used since ancient times. One gram of rose oil is obtained from the steam processing of 1.000 (one thousand) freshly handpicked oleogenic Damascena roses.

The roses are grown in The Rose Valley of Bulgaria, without the use of fertilizers and other pesticides. 100 % pure, natural and organic.

Bulgarian Rose Otto has a wide range of beneficial effects on our health and appearance. It relaxes the senses in stressful situations, it is wonderful for uplifting aroma therapy and it has amazing skincare properties . Bulgarian Rose Oil is an exquisite and very complex essential oil as it has more than 300 identifiable compounds, defining its intriguing and complex odor.

It makes it into the top 5 of the most complex oils in the world.

What you probably did not know is that Bulgarian Rose Otto is extremely expensive in production – hence the nickname “Liquid Gold”. Prices vary according to year, result of harvest etc. Like in all agriculture.

And 1 liter may cost up to as much as $70.000!

Rose Oil in outer space

And one more fun fact: Bulgarian Rose Otto is so unique in its composition that, according to our supplier, NASA use it to oil the finest of the rolling parts in their space programme. Only the best of the best is good enough for space shuttles and satellites.

At ESSENTIALS by Dianne J you’ll find Bulgarian Rose Otto Oil in THE ROSE SERUM – a lightweight squalene rich faceskin – “friend through thick and thin”, as well as in the sublime gold-and-glow serum – THE Au SERUM.

Essential oils can elevate your energy and mood or ground you and bring relaxation to your mind and senses. This is due to their subtle vibrations that can be measured. On the vibrational scale, the Rose oil has the highest vibration, just like the purest gold.

Frangipani absolute (Plumeria Acutifolia Flower Extract) – An Icon of The Tropics

Exotic. Tropical. Warm. Spicy. Sensuous.

The scent of the frangipani is to die for. Extracted from the beautiful white, yellow and pink (though in Australia you’ll find it in up to 300 different colors) frangipani flowers, this oil has it all! It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and high level of antioxidants, making it an absolute for use in creams, balms, serums and lotions. The wonderful fragrance makes it very special and irresistible: Top luxury perfume quality that is addictive. Some call it an icon of the tropics.

I use it as a main natural aroma in my handcrafted topseller THE VELVET CREAM. And many have fallen in love with it “from the first smell”. On the emotional level Frangipani brings inner peace, tranquility, and casts a tropical spell on your mind and soul. Once you try it, you never leave it.

Rosewood (Aniba Rosaeodora, sustainably harvested) – when having the blues

This lovely valuable essential oil has a woody, sweet and slightly spicy, floral scent. Known also as Boi De Rose and for its aroma therapeutic qualities. It stimulates skin cell regeneration and skin rejuvenation and is great for dry, dull, mature skin. The oil is also good for acne prone skin and acne scars.

The rosewood tree grows in Brazil and Peru. The Rosewood tree is incredibly scarce, short in supply due to the lumber industry felling the trees for furniture. It has caused major problems and now it’s an endangered species.

It is well known today that using the twigs and chippings – that are waste product of the lumber industry –yields an oil, with slightly less fragrance, but very acceptable to use and with the same therapeutic properties.

To ensure the future of the Amazonian rain forest, the Brazilian government requires a new tree planted for every mature tree felled.

However, I only use sustainably harvested, wildcrafted Indian Rosewood, aromatically quite similar to the Brazilian rosewood, obtained through steam distillation of fast growing deciduous wood species Dalbergia Sisso tree (Himalayan Raintree), renewably sourced through coppicing.

I simply adore this oli!

It is great against acne, scarring, eczema, psoriasis and many other skin issues. Rosewood is uplifting, fortifying and alleviates headache, stress conditions, lethargy and fatigue. Enjoy rosewood in my THE ROSEQUARTZ MASK for face skin refreshment and rejuvenation.

Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum) – calming and sooting for skin, mind and nervous system

Purifying and lightening the skin, used as a medicine in the past (e.g. against fever and migraines + the Cherokee Indians use it against backpain).

Blue Tansy is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! The scent is similar to that of German chamomile, but much more creamy, earthy and sweet, quite enticing and enchanting. Blue Tansy Oil is hard to acquire and therefore quite valuable. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, anti-allergen and anti-fungal. The deep blue colour is due to a chemical compound, called Chamazulene.

Chamazulene turns blue through the distillation process. Another exceptionally soothing skin compound in Blue Tansy oil is the a-bisabolol.

Blue Tansy has a calming effect on the mind and nervous system, alleviating anxiety and restlessness. I use it in my recently launched L’AZUL skin refining serum and it’s going to be a part of the formulation of a new, very exciting product I’ve been working on for more than a year, until now. Curious to know more about the story behind L’AZUL skin refining serum and why it’s so good for your skin, then read here!

Gardenia absolute (Gardenia Grandiflora) – heavenly floral

Extracted from the Gardenia flower, this absolute has a sweet, creamy, buttery, delicately soft, tropical smell. The heavenly beautiful Gardenia flower demands high humidity, therefore native to tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia, Madagascar and Pacific Islands.

I absolutely adore the scent of Gardenia! You can enjoy its warmth and white floral notes, that beautifully blend with pure Gold particles in THE Au SERUM. Gardenia Oil contains more than 20 active compounds, that’s why it’s a part of my formulation not only for the heavenly scent. It’s in it, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, due to two chemical compounds –geniposide and genipin. The oil has a high antioxidant level, it is relaxing, reduces anxiety and improves your mood.

Gardenia is a seductive and sensual scent that makes you feel special.

Do you have a favourite essential oil aroma and how do you implement it in your daily beauty rituals? I'd love to know...<3